Dream and live happy. Yes you can

Happy new month people, don't forget to set up a goal for this month. It can be anything from saving an amount of money, or to accomplish a mission you've always wanted to do. It's always good to challenge yourself. My goals this month is to train atleast 3 times a week which i've already started with today and to have a time for myself atleast once a week. I need that.   
Life is like a dream, you see beautiful things and hear beautiful words that makes your smile the true one. I am greatful for my life. I just can't ask more. Getting closer to my family makes my dream even much nicer. Being with my family shows me what true love is. I thought friends, party , working and money was "WOW" but there is nothing right now to compare to my family. I love my life and my family.  Thanks to Allah who made me the person i am. He has always blessed me and right now i am not asking for anything but to thank him. You are the greatest Allah. 


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