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Hi Peeps,


Today I will be lettering in English since my laptop is out of control and I don't have any Swedish keyboard here, neither do I want to download it on the school computers.

So this is so me, I never check my emails in the morning. We don’t have that system in Sweden, no matter how much our teachers tried to make us to. I need to get used to it. The improvement I did so far is to check my email once a day. I have also logged in my email on my phone, but I still read it once a day.

My History class was cancelled yesterday morning and I was so mad because I was tired but I had to wake up very early to attend the class. I was mad because I didn't check my email where professors always notes that class is cancelled and it’s the same thing that happened today too. All classes got cancelled because of snowstorm and I woke up early and didn't check my mail. Now I am all alone in school, but I just have to do home works since I have no laptop at home.

I just had to share this.





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