How 2013 was

Helllo blog,
Since i can't sleep, and i have nothing to do, it will be a great pleasure to blog a little bit by answering some random question about last year 2013.
Did you take any great steps year 2013?
- Oh yes i did. To move to America is a great step and EDUCATION is another big step i took that i am very proud of. 
Which days will you always remember in 2013?
- The day my God-son was born.
-The day my dad moved to Sweden.
-The Sierra-Lib Party.
-The day my friends prayed for me at the beach before i left Sweden (i cried) 
 Did you fall in love?
-  No. Its hard for me to fall in love but i can like somebody and take my time to get to know them then see what happens.
What is your biggest achievement in 2013?
- Getting a permanent job.
-Getting an apartment for friends and I.
- Accepting some decision and letting it go.
- Focus more on myself (last months of the year)

What did you spend the most money?

- travels

- shoes



Did something you really happy?

- meeting my Godson.

-meeting my nieces and sibings.

Which songs will remind you of 2013?

Psquare - Personally

Bracket- Me & U

Who have you been with the most?

my ex roommates and Alim. 


Is there anything you miss in 2013 and want 2014?

- I miss being in Sweden and being Independent but my studies aren't permitting me. 

What did you do on your birthday

- Oh i love my birthdate 4/4. i spent it at work. 

Is there anything that would have made your year better

- Less drama....

- Should have followed my heart more. If i did, i would have been called selfish but at the same time it would have changed alot. But no regrets, it is was it was meant to be.

Who lacked you

- some boys

but mostly the friends i took to be my closest friends (they really hurt me because i cared, if not i aint that easy to lack)

What do you say to yourself for 2014

- God first

Think more of my self, my education, my future.

- Take time with who i help because by the end of the time i feel like they are ungrateful and selfish

- Invite less stress, friends and activities

- Focus more on my religion and family

- Think twice before taking a decision

- No last minute plans

- Save money

- less shopping

- Even if others do wrong, follow you heart and do right

- try by all means to go to Liberia

- take him seriously and build love <3 :) IT IS TIME!!!!!!!

Love and Peace & dont forget to thank the Lord!



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