My new body in no time!

My workout week is going just fine. I've been following my training schedule well apart from yesterday, because it was raining. I didn't go out for a walk, neither could I run, but I instead had a backup-plan with Obi at home. We used my workout DVD called HIP HOP abs with Shaun T and his hot self...lolz...  Then later in the night before going to bed, I followed my weekly schedule which was so easy.  I am planning on writing a new one for next week and it should be more challenging.
I recommend HIP HOP ABS because it is very helpful and as I said, if you can't go out for a run or go to the gym, you can workout home and Shaun T gives you the best and sexiest results ever if you are truly committed. You'll soon see me and be like WOW!
I am also sharing with you this weeks workout I do before going to bed. Tuesday training as you see below is so easy so I normally do each section x2 or x3 because 1x is nothing or easy for me and I like to feel like I really did something. Can't wait to reward myself.
Have a blessfull evening.


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