What keeps me going is goals

           Dear readers,       

  I distinguish how tedious my blog has been this year; then again I really have nothing to share with you guys. I know that many people do like to read a lot about my life in general and getting updated with what I do daily but to be honest, I feel like I want to keep my daily events and personal effects to myself.  Currently, I have been writing a lot about studies and so on, that is precisely what my life is all about at the moment, nothing but my books and I. I have a dream and that is to finish my education and labor with the United Nation, UNICEF or Organization that focuses not only on one country but internationally.  I love helping so I guess I am on the right dimension and with any luck this will works for me well.  

Well, as far as I am concerned, my studies are my first priority right now. I haven’t been out or partied ever since I came here for real, neither have I had time for myself indeed. It is farfetched that I possibly managed to grow my level of thinking, but I wish my dream can come through.

I do not know if I want to keep my blog for these reasons or not but I will find a solution soon.

I would advice some of ya'll to know what you want in future and go for it. And if you know what you are doing RIGHT NOW is not going to benefit you tomorrow, then you are just wasting your life. Of course YOLO, (as most people say), it is okay to have fun and that is why holidays are there for, but YOLO is also continuing with the generation you are leaving behind you. Set a goal and go for it dear. For your own sick.


Love & peace and thank Lord for your life