I love police

So like the first day I got to drive my car, I got stopped by a police lady because I didn't have my plate on. I did get a temporary plate from the register office but it was hard to put it on. I ordered a special plate with Bbs on it and that will take some times before they mail it to me. But it went quite good and she was really kind and nice unlike what I've heard from people here in the USA. They said that police in the USA are really mean but I haven't experienced that yet. She even tried to help me put my temporary plate on but it was hard for her as well. Maybe its all about the states or cities because people drive very badly in New York and New Jersey but this area around Boston is very quiet with humble drivers.  I didn't get any ticket for not having my plate on but she said that its important for the plate to be showed and she also advised me to fix a New Hampshire driving license because I can only drive with my license for 60 days which is just 2 months.  Lucky me.


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