I bet you didn't know it at all

10 things you didn't know about me
1. I have 3 names... English name Marissa, Liberian name Massa, Mandingo name Maya Jibah (babyshakur is just a play name).
2. I lately discovered that it says in my birth certificate that I was born on April 4, 1992 haha.. 2 years younger than my current birthdate. MISTAAKE SOMEWHERE ON THE LINE.
3. I have 3 nationalities.
4. I jealous my brothers as if i was their girlfriend.
5. I can't save money. I need to buy something even if i am left with $10.
6. I am inlove with my birthmark. without it i am not me.
7. I am addicted to leopard. To prove that < I bought a hammer  just because it is leopard printed, i dont need it.
8. I want to get married when i am 25. I mean I have to.
9. I have 4 sisters and 7 brothers. 11 from mum and dad and one half brother.
10. I dont have patient. Come on, I am an ARIES.... I WANT IT DONE NOW AND NEED IT NOW PERIOD. 


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