All that we are arises with our thoughts

Sleep is avoiding me tonight! Not because of anything, but because of thoughts, important thoughts that are running through my head, thoughts that I invented, and thoughts that will maybe change my life forever. This is one of the moments in my life when I want to be left all alone with my thoughts, in a peaceful area with white drapes hanging everywhere so that I can look across them to find answers to my thoughts. Funny how it is coincidentally raining heavily outside: my favorite weather, the weather I prefer to go out for a run while thinking about things that bothers me and also the perfect time to make right decisions. Unfortunately, thunder is scaring me so I will do no such thing. I am instead looking through the window and blogging, and thinking at the same time. I now know that I love rainy days because it help me make decisions faster and easily.  How I wish I could predict the future. I think decisions would have been very easier to take.


Obs: the lights just went off, and the internet as well as I am writing this and I hope it comes back on by the time I am done writing this post.

I think i am a bit sleepy now.

Have a great night or day.

Peace and love



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