Bbs: The Psychologis

Hi Folks,
So there is this girl at my college who always come to me for advice and she always walk away happy and thankful. Few days ago while studying, she told me:
- Girl:  Marissa, your blog is so dry and boring, why don't you write down stories and poems?
- Me: Oh no, I don't have that time thinking of stories and poems... NAH
- Girl: do u need time to write stories?
- Me: yes, of course. Btw, Poems need edition and points. I am not good in poems. My Poems don't even make sense. Stories have to be fun to read and with school and all the driving, I don't have time to sit and write stories.
- Girl: No, what I meant was my stories..... Hihi... I mean, write down stories I've been telling you...BUT DON'T INCLUDE MY NAME....
- Me: Hmmm.... sounds like something I can do. People do like reading true stories and events. Probably, I shall start something called Bbs the psychologist in my blog.. A category where people can write to me and share their story and I give them feedbacks....(smile)
- Girl: Psychologist?  you are not a Psychologist. 
- Me: haha well then why do you come to me for advice?
- Girl: that doesn't mean you are a Psychologist.. I come to you because I think you understand me better and you always listen to me.
- Me: okay whatever.. what about Bbs thoughts for thoughts?
- Girl: Move "Bbs",
- Me: huh?
- Girl: We already know you are Bbs so just have T4T
- Me: Ok Manager...
- Me: OKAY! Lets study now!
She is so cute. I like her. So from now on, I will be having a Category called Thoughts for thoughts where I will be including questions and thoughts for people. My next update will have all the needed details. See ya later.
Peace and Love

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!

Hi Peeps,


Today I will be lettering in English since my laptop is out of control and I don't have any Swedish keyboard here, neither do I want to download it on the school computers.

So this is so me, I never check my emails in the morning. We don’t have that system in Sweden, no matter how much our teachers tried to make us to. I need to get used to it. The improvement I did so far is to check my email once a day. I have also logged in my email on my phone, but I still read it once a day.

My History class was cancelled yesterday morning and I was so mad because I was tired but I had to wake up very early to attend the class. I was mad because I didn't check my email where professors always notes that class is cancelled and it’s the same thing that happened today too. All classes got cancelled because of snowstorm and I woke up early and didn't check my mail. Now I am all alone in school, but I just have to do home works since I have no laptop at home.

I just had to share this.