Candy Crush surprise

Oh Lord I love Candy Crush. I played a level for Papi, that he couldn't pass for days and he didn't believe me when I told him that I did pass it for him. By the end of the day he got me these beautiful gifts that I so much appreciate. Thought it was a joke when he said "if you pass this level for me, you'll get a surprise". No, I asked him "what do I get in return for passing that level for you" because he was also suppose to pass the level I was stuck on but he didn't so he instead got me a surprise which i thought was a joke but it wasn't. 

Another day

Today is one of those day when I am very tired & lazy. Of course I could sleep it off but I had many things to do. First laundry and grocery shopping with my siblings, then I had to cook before break fast time. I cooked 4 different foods today. Cassava leaf, Lassagne, beef and rice pie & sweet peas. I did not have an issue with the cooking but i had it with my energy. I had no strength and I was sleepy and slow all day. At certain point, I would just stand in the kitchen, thinking of what I was about to do. Hate having memory lost especially when i am exhausted. I just wanted to finish on time before breakfast time. I am happy now that my belly is full. After Isha praying, I shall find my way to bed.