A summary about my about my absence from my blog


 Oh yes, a little has come to pass within a short time.  I have been in Sweden and met my family and some friends.  We planned for my sister’s graduation and Mums visit to the U.S. After all that we did some travelling around U.S with my summer courses hanging along during the adventure.

There is always someone who wants to complain or spoil your mood. In my case, some friends got to know that I was in Sweden (was not a secret anyway) and became mad because I did not tell them as if it would have made any difference. One thing you guys should keep in your mind is that I don’t owe anyone visit or call because since I moved, I know who really showed concern and has always been there without excuses etc. I am absolutely not going to do more than what I can do period. I do miss you guys aswell but we are all at the same level. Besides that I was there for a very short time and I didn’t have much time to do all that I actually had to do. It was a last minute voyage.

Coming back to the U.S, I realized that I was late for my 4 classes. My teachers withdrew me from 2 courses without refund (hurts me). But the other two professors are very nice and kind so they helped me and I am very grateful to them.  

The positive energy comes always from the family, especially EVERYONE (friends and love one) that participated in my little sister graduation. They made it so worth celebrating. The love, kindness, faith, surprises, tears, laughter, Jokes, debates, smiles, joy etc. I can’t describe the loving vibe I get from them all.  I thank you all for being there.

After the graduation our adventure started. We went to New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York and New London to see families and family friends and ofcourse shopping. What a great memory to keep and that is the main reason why I am blogging about it. In future, I would want to come back and read this and smile.

It is now Ramadan. The best month of the year. The struggle is the break-fast time and heat, because I sweat a lot which makes me thirsty but so far it is going well.  


My summer is priceless. 


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