Bon soir

Hello Peeps,
OMG since February and I never visited this blogg of mine. So funny because it still shows that I had few visitors recently. Thanks guys.  I appreciate that yo.
The reason why I am back is because I have summer vacation now whoop whoop. My plans for the summer? I am planning of taking summer classes because 4 months vacation is too long for me and I easily get bored so I need something that will keep me busy which I believe is taking one or two summer classes. 
I also want to go back home (to Sweden) but I am not sure yet. Still waiting for my ticket to be booked by .......
Apart from that I will be travelling around USA a little bit and discover new places.
At the same time I planned to workout more this summer to get back the body I had before I left Sweden, I gained 7 kg since August last year. I need to burn it away because I look fat now ewww.
Am so excited about so many things. I wish I could say them but nah. Somethings are better left unsaid.
Peace & Love
stay bless // Bbs


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