Sat training

Saturday is the tuffest day because I go hard with my body.  I did:
100 J.J
100 crunches
100 lower legs
100 squats
50×2sec.  Plank
20 pushup
I don't like doing lots of pushup because I don't want to have big arms. I like my arms the way they are. They just need a little shaping to fit the other body parts. I also use lots of arms while working out so that is enough.
Today gym was not fun at all. I was tired so I walked fast instead of jogging. I had no energy but I did my best and burned up to 400 calories altogether.  Bad but better than nothing.  I  am starting with my new training shift tomorrow which is week 2. And I will finally order that dress as a reward for doing a good job this week. Whoop whoop. 
It's 4 am now and I haven't slept yet but  I am about to now.


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